Throughout 2019, IV Therapy was topping the wellness trends and it’s bound to do it again even in 2020. Not that IV Therapy is a new fad everyone is jumping on, it’s been around for ages. The therapy has been utilized in hospitals and wellness centers for decades in treating different conditions. IV therapy has grown from being what only VIPs and celebrities can afford. Today, IV Therapy is offered in Missouri, Sarasota, Florida, Kansas City, and many others. It’s not just limited to a controlled hospital environment, but even in homes and offices.

IV Therapy is an invasive procedure that involves the infusion of various vitamins and minerals. The combination of vitamins and minerals is a factor of the need of the patient. An IV Therapy is an intravenous intervention of minerals and vitamins. Due to the method, there is a quick absorption of the nutrients into the bloodstream. Through this method, the recipient is able to absorb needed nutrients that could be gotten from regular food and supplements. IV Therapy supplies to the body directly into the bloodstream, a higher concentration of vitamins.

Usually, when vitamin and nutrients are taken orally, passing through the stomach and digestive tract, there is a limitation to how much of it can be absorbed by the body. The highest amount would be less than 50%. However, through IV Therapy, the body could absorb nutrients as high as 90%. Within a regular hospital setting, IV therapy is touted as a treatment for nutrient absorption disorders, and dehydration. While in New Orleans, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and other party cities, IV therapy is popular for being a hangover cure.

Aside from this IV therapy might be given to people suffering from fibromyalgia, migraines and other chronic fatigue conditions. This is even acknowledged in a 2009 study in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine where there is a significant effect of IV Therapy on fibromyalgia.

That’s not all, IV Therapy also works as a boost for those seeking it for its nutritional, beauty-enhancing, athletic, and energy benefits. Needless to mention, IV Therapy is a great source of an immunity boost. Interestingly, all of these claims are true but with conditions. And these conditions also vary.

The Manageable Risk of IV Therapy

Firstly, you must be well aware of the risk IV therapy might pose to your health. For instance, individuals suffering from congestive heart failure are not good candidates for IV therapies. Another issue that should worry you is where you are getting an IV therapy. IV Therapy is best done in a professionally managed environment

See IV therapy like any other medical treatment, only physicians and nurses certified in administering IV should be allowed. Lastly, do no approach IV therapy as a quick fix for your health needs. A combination of IV therapy, good nutrition, sufficient sleep, and regular exercise will do your body a lot of good.

How IV Therapy Works

With just a 45 minutes IV therapy session, an average body is packed with 90% nutrients. This process is done using an Intravenous fluid that delivers vitamins, electrolytes, and saline solution into the bloodstream. The combination in an IV fluid is usually a blend that addresses a particular health need. But in every IV therapy, you’ll find two basic components; saline solution, and vitamins. The saline solution is a sterile combination of sodium chloride and waster and used as a delivery agent for the vitamins.

How do you get IV Therapy? The process of administrating IV Therapy is as such: an IV line is inserted into the patient’s vein. The IV carried fluid to the patient from the saline solution. Then the IV Therapy is administered without force, using gravity to transfer the fluid.

Duration of an IV Therapy varies based on the individual’s need but ranges between 30 to 45 minutes per session.

Why Should You Choose IV Therapy

When compared with oral medications and supplements, IV therapy has a high absorption percentage. This is due to the direct injection into the bloodstream, allowing the body to process as much of it as it needs.

The fast absorption speed also means that the body has immediate access to the supplements. The medication takes effect almost immediately after, if not during the therapy session. Also, IV therapy might be perfect for individuals having issues with their digestive system. Since the procedure bypasses the digestive system, it makes it ideal for individuals with malabsorption issues.