Let’s be candid… When that friend of ours who never goes to the gym says “I don’t know what to do at the gym to lose weight”, he or she most likely doesn’t value health and fitness enough to do a simple search on the internet. When it comes to finding different exercises or body-building workouts, the internet and social media is filled with different exercise routines, workouts, and even diet! But what most people don’t know is the importance of recovery on their ability to push harder, get even better results, and raise their limits.

Cryotherapy, The Ultimate Tool for Recovery

What is cryotherapy? Cryotherapy, or Cold Therapy, is exposing the body to extreme cold temperatures to shock the body into doing what it does best, to recover and take care of itself.  How do you do cryo? You walk into a cryosauna for three minutes, allowing your body to under-go extreme stress on a cellular level, releasing all sorts of endorphins, hormones, decreasing inflammation, flushing out toxins, regulating your mood, metabolism, sleep, and so much more.

1 – Cryotherapy reduces inflammation

Inflammation sucks! It’s literally one of the worst things that we can have in our bodies. Inflammation can lead to many illnesses, diseases, disabilities, and other health issues. And the worst part is that when our cells and organs are inflamed, our ability to recover gets hindered and our natural ability to recover slows down. This is where cryotherapy comes to rescue!  Cryotherapy decreases the levels of inflammatory, oxidative stress, and atherosclerosis plaque markers including your bad cholesterol.

2 – Cryotherapy helps your lose weight

Perhaps one of the coolest things about cryotherapy is how many calories it burns! Imagine how long it will take you to burn 100 calories, now multiply that by 8… Yes your math is correct, a single cryotherapy session burns 800 calories! Think about it… 800 calories in 3 minutes!! How? When we freeze our bodies our cells go through a process that’s called thermogenesis, turning our metabolically in-active cells into active ones. These activated cells then burn the fat around them for energy. This isn’t just cool, it’s FREEZING COOL!

3 – Cryotherapy regulates the mood

Have you ever had such a stressful day that you just couldn’t help yourself but to feel negative? Well a single cryotherapy session will freeze that away for you. On a mental level, the cryosauna gets so cold that you’ll just forget about everything for a couple of minutes (it’s colder than the coldest place on Earth!!)… and if that doesn’t stop you from stressing, cryo will promote the production and secretion of a hormone called Norepinephrine which functions as a neurotransmitter in the brain, helping us focus, stay vigilant and alert. Coffee doesn’t do the trick anymore? Try cryo!

4 – Cryotherapy protects your brain

So you know how to gain muscle, become lean and flexible, and even increase your stamina… but all those are physical, what about your brain? When you do cryo, you can feel at ease knowing that you’re sharing some love with your brain as well (sharing is caring right?). How does cryo protect your brain? The cellular stress from cryotherapy promotes the production of cold shock proteins that help protect the brain, and fight off diseases. So it doesn’t just look and feel cold, it creates cold super proteins that shield your body and brain!

5 – Cryo helps flush out the toxins

Last but not least, when we expose a certain part of the body to extreme cold, vasoconstriction occurs. That is when blood vessels tighten up and the blood flow decreases in that area. As a result your body will be blocking out all the bad from coming in and then flushing them out. “Bad” chemicals are what your white blood cells produce as a response to injuries (or even physical workout). These chemicals, while necessary for repair and fighting infection, have the unfortunate side effect of causing the injured area to become swollen and painful. So flushing them out will not only decrease the inflammation and speed up your recovery, it also flushes out all the bad stuff like lactic acid that can build up and harm you down the road.